Tai Chi

...is an ancient form of healing art which originates from China. Initially it was developed as a martial art but it is now integrated as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and practiced by millions of people around the world to build strength, maintain good health and increase longevity.

Tai Chi can be easily recognized by a series of slow movements performed in a relaxed state.

The delight of this ancient exercise is that anyone can practice it, anytime, anywhere, and in almost any state of health. There is no age limit.


Group and individual Tai Chi classes are available now. Please call for schedule and information.

The many reasons for practicing Tai Chi include to:

  • improve health
  • reduce stress levels
  • increase energy
  • improve concentration
  • better quality of sleep
  • strengthen bones, muscles, and joints (osteoporosis prevention)
  • increase flexibility
  • prevent age related ill health
  • improve digestion due to internal massage
  • cultivate your Qi (energy)
  • be a moving meditation
  • use as self-defense